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3 Ways To Reduce Workplace Stress

It’s a typical day at the office. The phones are ringing. You hear people talking in the distance. Movement is going on around you nonstop. Then at a moment’s notice, your desk starts to light up. You hear a ding from your phone. A new email notification comes on your laptop. You hear a knock on your office door, or the boss walks by your cubicle. A meeting you have with your boss to review a project is 10 minutes away. There are so many ways and causes of stress at work. Not just the sounds and noises around you.
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5 Problems Small Businesses Have To Solve Every Day

Small businesses have to solve problems every day. The pandemic made the problems that small companies usually have even more challenging to overcome. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 20% of small businesses fail by the end of their first year. Sadly, the number only keeps increasing with the years since by the end of the fifth year 50% go under, and only 20% survive after being in business for ten years.  We know those numbers might be scary! Don’t let them intimidate you, believe it or not, most of the problems that small businesses have to
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The Paper’s Mission

Sensation Enterprises was built on the tenets of inspiration, innovation, and passion. This has and will always be the main focus with everything we do in the company and will continue with our blog. Which we dubbed the simple name of “The Paper”. The paper is commonly used to refer to the newspaper, which was the little daily periodical you’d pick up in the morning with your coffee and get some insight on what’s going on in the world today. We want “The Paper” to be your source for marketing insight, news, and advice that you can put into practice
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